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more mini sketch-dumps by nekojizou more mini sketch-dumps by nekojizou
Basically they-re just warm-up sketches for getting used to using a tablet again. That and drawing this family is addictive. I guess it stemmed from talking to ~IncubusGrave about me drawing Rori so often, and my addiction to drawing kimonos. I just love drawing the way they look/drape on a figure in a totally different way from western clothing.

I tried leaving the rough lines underneath the drawings in a different color to show how I plan things. I think it's a really important step that a lot of people don't give enough credit for, since it's the building blocks for most drawings. I've actually been laughed at by people who went through my sketchbook and only saw the rough lines (the ones in color) and they basically summed it up as "What the f*ck is THAT supposed to be? omglolz."
Well you know what? My sketchbooks consist of mostly those like the colored lines only, and it's ok if yours looks like that too. I plan out where everything goes in rough shapes, and it's a good way to take notes for composition, plot ideas, and figure/still life practice on the go. If I mess up here, my final drawing will never be good, no matter how hard I try.

So basically, I just want to say that yes, they may look stupid but it doesn't mean they actually are. They are functional. Very functional. And you also shouldn't worry about things looking nice all the time. (actually these are really nice looking roughs compared to my usual ones, I guess that's what happens when you haven't used a tablet in a while)

Those roughs are mainly for me and me only so it's ok if only the artist can understand them. They're deleted in the final version anyways. If you have issues with proportions and object placement, use rough sketches! They really do help!

...Also, I promised ~IncubusGrave that I'd draw what Kanoko looks like under all those layers of clothes. He's surprisingly muscular compared to his usual cowardly nature. hurrdurr

Bakeneko family belongs to :iconincubusgrave: and :iconmelancholytsuki:
IncubusGrave Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*SPAZZING OUT* AAAHHHHHUUUGHHH. You don't know wha tyou're doing to me with all these arts!! +_+ Oh man I wish I could draw japanese clothes half as good as you do!
nekojizou Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Haha glad you like them! Even if they are just sketches. XDD
Meh, I only know how to draw them because I had to learn how to wear them when I was a kid... so I've seen them often enough in real life. o___o Maybe I'll draw a guide on them someday. :D
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December 29, 2012
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